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What is a Peshtemal?

Peshtemal, or peştemal in Turkish, is a type of towel originating from Turkey in which its fabric is woven flat with tight cotton loops. This type of towel has been used for centuries in the Middle East, originating in Turkish bath houses, or hammams, where they were used to provide more coverage than regular towels.

Peshtemals absorb the same amount of moisture as terrycloth, but are lighter and boast increased surface area. They are ideal to travel with, and their functionality and portability makes them a preferred alternative to terrycloth. While their functionality is truly stand-out, what makes peshtemal so unique is their versatility. Far more than a plain beach towel, these towels look stunning as a travel blanket, beach sarong, or picnic spread.

What’s Different About Bodrum Interiors Towels?

While dozens of peshtemals are available on the market, only a few boast the superior quality that speaks to true purpose of a peshtemal. For our team, delivering excellence to our customers is the core of what we stand for. That’s why each step of our manufacturing process is carefully curated to ensure a stunning end-product. Manufactured in Buldan, Turkey, our towels are infused with clean, natural dyes that won’t irritate the skin and loomed with the 100% genuine Turkish cotton that is grown naturally, without GMOs. Towels are pre-washed to allow the cotton fibers to bloom and reach their true size and softness. Before leaving our manufacturing site, each towel goes through multi-step quality-control. The result is not only a sustainable production process, but a superior towel that we know our customers will love as much as we do.

How Do I Care for My Towel?

We recommend that you wash your towels in cool water on a gentle cycle with similar colors. Hang dry or tumble dry on low heat. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners, as these will alter the structural integrity of the fabric. Towels can be ironed with your iron’s cotton setting if you wish to smooth any wrinkles in the fabric.