Oversized Turkish beach towel is ideal for spreading out and lounging on the beach

Refresh Your Linen
Closet for Summer

Terrycloth towels are a breeding ground for bacteria and odors.

But there's another way.

Our Classic Turkish Towel’s signature flat-woven design dries 3x quicker than terrycloth while absorbing the same amount of water. Even better, our towel is lightweight & compact, taking up less space in your linen closet.

Ideal for your daily shower or as a travel towel on-the-go, once you make the switch, you’ll never go back.

Bodrum Interiors thin beach towels are quick drying, sand resistant towels that are perfect for people on the go
Turkish beach towels are lightweight, perfect to throw in your bag when heading to the beach

Quick Drying & Hygenic

Our long-staple Turkish cotton is ultra-efficient at drying, protecting against musty odors and mildew.

Sand proof towels’ flat weave prevents sand from getting trapped in cotton loops, falling off easily when given a light shake.

Sand Resistant

Tightly-woven flat weave prevents sand from getting trapped in big cotton loops that are common in ordinary terry towels.

Navy Turkish cotton beach towel on the beach in Antalya, Turkey

Ultra Absorbent

Our Turkish towels have the same absorption capacity as terrycloth, while drying 3x as fast.


Turkish cotton is superiore for its softness and durability due to its elongated, smooth fibers. When used to create a towel, these fibers, combined with a thin pile, confer a swifter drying capability compared to conventional terrycloth and sustain structural integrity over numerous wash cycles.

Our towel’s elongated fibers dry 3x as fast as terrycloth while absorbing the same amount of moisture. This means not only increased absorbability, but a softer and smoother feel overall.

When when the towel’s smooth fibers come into contact with water, the fibers efficiently wick away the moisture, pulling it into the fabric. This enables the towel to become saturated quickly, and because of its structure, also to release that moisture rapidly during the drying process.

Unlike towels made from synthetic blends, Bodrum Interiors towels will get softer with each wash as the cotton fibers relax and become more pliable. This is because Turkish cotton, specifically from the Aegean region, is some of the most durable in the world due to its long and sturdy fibers.

Bodrum Interior’s unique flat-woven design ensures that sand and dirt falls off with a light shake.

Our towel’s cotton fibers are woven together tightly for a smooth, thin fabric, rather than a thick, rough fabric that is characteristic of regular terry towels. Our towel’s cotton loops are knit tightly to prevent sand particles from getting trapped inside. Our fabric’s tight-weave also works phenomenally for keeping out musty smells, smelling pristine even after a long day at the beach.

Ideal for those with sensitive skin, our towels are crafted with 100% natural cotton and are OEKO-tex certified, meaning they are free of harmful chemicals. They are also prewashed to ensure maximal softness right out of the packaging.

Sustainably Sourced Cotton

Our cotton grown naturally and is 100% GMO-free, promoting the wellbeing of both you and the planet.

Rigorous Quality Control

Each towel goes through multiple stringent quality checks before ever arriving at your doorstep.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Shop with a clear mind - we offer guaranteed hassle-free returns for 30 days after purchase.